Samsung Galaxy S10+ Price in Nigeria

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Price in Nigeria – Features, and Performance in 2023

Galaxy S10+ Overview:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Price in Nigeria

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ was a flagship smartphone released in 2019, representing the pinnacle of Samsung’s S10 series. It garnered attention for its stunning design, top-notch specifications, and a myriad of features. Here’s a breakdown of its key aspects:

1. Price: S10+ Price in Nigeria

The initial launch price of the Galaxy S10+ varied based on storage configurations. The 128GB model was priced differently than the 512GB and 1TB variants.The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is available in Nigeria at a price of ‎₦345,000, subject to variations based on the specific deal. Over time, the price may have fluctuated based on market conditions.

2. Battery:

Equipped with a 4,100mAh battery, the Galaxy S10+ offered substantial battery life. The device supported both fast wired and wireless charging, catering to users who value quick and convenient recharging.

3. Screen:

The S10+ featured a 6.4-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels. The Infinity-O display design incorporated a small punch-hole cutout for the dual front cameras, providing an immersive viewing experience.

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4. Network:

The Galaxy S10+ supported 4G LTE connectivity, enabling fast data speeds and reliable network performance. It also featured Wi-Fi 6 support, ensuring enhanced wireless connectivity when connected to compatible networks.

5. Features:

  • Cameras: The S10+ boasted a versatile triple-camera setup on the rear, including a 12MP wide lens, 12MP telephoto lens, and a 16MP ultrawide lens. On the front, it housed a dual-camera setup with 10MP and 8MP sensors.
  • Security: It incorporated an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor for secure biometric authentication.
  • Software: The device ran on Samsung’s One UI, based on Android, providing a user-friendly interface with numerous customization options.

6. Specifications:

  • Processor: Powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9820, depending on the region.
  • RAM: Available in configurations with 8GB or 12GB of RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and performance.
  • Storage: Offered in 128GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants, providing ample storage options.
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Pros and Cons:


  1. Impressive Display: The vibrant and high-resolution display offered a visually stunning experience.
  2. Versatile Camera System: The triple rear cameras and dual front cameras provided diverse photography options.
  3. Strong Performance: With a powerful processor and ample RAM, the S10+ delivered smooth performance.


  1. Expensive: The higher storage configurations came with a premium price tag.
  2. Size and Weight: Some users found the larger size and weight of the device less comfortable for one-handed use.

Comparison with Similar Phones:

Let’s compare the Galaxy S10+ with two other flagship smartphones from competing brands – the iPhone XS Max and the Google Pixel 4 XL.

Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone XS Max:

  • Both phones boast large, high-quality displays, but the S10+ incorporates a punch-hole design, while the XS Max features a notch.
  • The S10+ offers a more versatile camera setup with an ultrawide lens, while the XS Max focuses on optimization and computational photography.
  • Pricing is competitive, with variations based on storage configurations and brand loyalty playing a significant role.


Galaxy S10+ vs. Google Pixel 4 XL:

  • The Pixel 4 XL emphasizes a clean Android experience with timely updates, while the S10+ features Samsung’s One UI with additional customization options.
  • Camera preferences may sway the decision, as the Pixel 4 XL relies on Google’s computational photography, while the S10+ provides more flexibility with its triple-camera system.
  • The S10+ offers expandable storage via microSD, a feature absent in the Pixel 4 XL.

1. Q: What is the battery life of the Galaxy S10+?

  • A: The S10+ comes with a 4,100mAh battery, providing all-day battery life under normal usage conditions.

2. Q: Does the Galaxy S10+ support 5G?

  • A: No, the S10+ is a 4G LTE smartphone and does not support 5G connectivity.

3. Q: How good are the cameras on the Galaxy S10+?

  • A: The S10+ features a versatile triple-camera setup, delivering impressive photo and video quality in various scenarios.

4. Q: Can I expand the storage on the Galaxy S10+?

  • A: Yes, the S10+ supports microSD card expansion, allowing users to increase storage beyond the built-in options.

5. Q: Is the Galaxy S10+ still worth buying in 2023?

  • A: While it may not have the latest specifications, the S10+ remains a solid choice for users seeking a premium device with a great display and capable camera system.



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