1999 Toyota Corolla

Comprehensive Review of the 1999 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria


The Toyota Corolla, a name synonymous with reliability, durability, and affordability, has been a staple in the automotive industry since its inception in the 1960s. Over the years, it has undergone numerous transformations, each iteration refining its design, performance, and features to meet the ever-evolving demands of drivers worldwide. Among its many iterations, the 1999 Toyota Corolla holds a special place, representing an era where simplicity met functionality, and practicality was paramount. In this comprehensive review, we delve into every aspect of the 1999 Toyota Corolla, exploring its price in Nigeria, design, engine output, fuel efficiency, interior features, infotainment, space, technology, known issues, ratings, and providing valuable buyer’s advice for those considering this classic model.

1999 Toyota Corolla

Price in Nigeria: 1999 Toyota Corolla

In Nigeria, the 1999 Toyota Corolla remains a popular choice among drivers seeking a reliable and economical vehicle. Due to its reputation for longevity and low maintenance costs, demand for this model persists even years after its production ceased. The price of a used 1999 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria can vary depending on factors such as mileage, condition, and location. On average, prospective buyers can expect to pay between ₦700,000 to ₦1,200,000 for a well-maintained unit. However, prices may fluctuate slightly in different regions of the country or depending on the specific trim level and optional features.


The design of the 1999 Toyota Corolla is characterized by its simple yet timeless aesthetic. With clean lines, a modest grille, and understated contours, it exudes an aura of practicality and reliability. The compact dimensions make it ideal for navigating crowded urban streets while also offering ample interior space for passengers and cargo. From its sleek headlights to its subtly flared wheel arches, every element of the design serves a purpose, emphasizing function over frivolity.

Engine Output:

Under the hood, the 1999 Toyota Corolla is powered by a robust yet fuel-efficient engine, making it well-suited for everyday driving tasks. The standard powerplant is a 1.8-liter inline-four cylinder engine, capable of producing approximately 120 horsepower and 122 lb-ft of torque. While not the most potent engine in its class, it delivers adequate performance for city commuting and highway cruising. The engine is mated to either a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual transmission, providing drivers with the option to choose their preferred driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency:

One of the standout features of the 1999 Toyota Corolla is its exceptional fuel efficiency, a trait that has long been synonymous with the Corolla nameplate. Thanks to its lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and efficient powertrain, the 1999 model achieves impressive mileage figures, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious drivers. On average, the 1999 Toyota Corolla can deliver around 25-30 miles per gallon (MPG) in combined city and highway driving conditions, ensuring fewer trips to the fuel pump and lower operating costs over time.


1999 Toyota Corolla

Step inside the cabin of the 1999 Toyota Corolla, and you’ll find a comfortable and functional space designed with the needs of drivers and passengers in mind. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the Corolla offers surprisingly generous interior room, with ample headroom and legroom for occupants in both the front and rear seats. The seats themselves are supportive and well-cushioned, providing a pleasant driving experience even on longer journeys. Quality materials and solid construction give the interior a durable feel, further enhancing the overall sense of reliability and longevity.


While the 1999 Toyota Corolla may lack some of the modern amenities found in newer vehicles, it still offers a basic yet functional infotainment system to keep drivers connected and entertained on the road. Most models come equipped with a standard AM/FM radio and cassette player, allowing occupants to enjoy their favorite music or radio programs. Some higher trim levels may feature optional upgrades such as a CD player or a premium sound system, providing enhanced audio quality and additional entertainment options. While the infotainment system may be considered rudimentary by today’s standards, it serves its purpose well and reflects the simplicity of the era in which the vehicle was produced.


Despite its compact footprint, the 1999 Toyota Corolla offers ample space for both passengers and cargo, making it a versatile choice for daily use. The rear seats can comfortably accommodate three adults, with enough legroom and headroom to ensure a comfortable ride, even on longer trips. Additionally, the 60/40 split-folding rear seat allows for flexible cargo configurations, enabling drivers to transport larger items when needed while still providing seating for passengers. The trunk offers a respectable amount of cargo space, perfect for groceries, luggage, or other essentials, further enhancing the Corolla’s practicality and utility.


In terms of technology, the 1999 Toyota Corolla may not boast the latest innovations or cutting-edge features, but it incorporates a range of tried-and-tested technologies aimed at enhancing safety, comfort, and convenience. Standard safety features include anti-lock brakes (ABS) and dual front airbags, providing occupants with added protection in the event of a collision. Additionally, some models may come equipped with optional extras such as power windows, power door locks, and remote keyless entry, adding a level of convenience to everyday driving tasks. While the technology may be considered basic by today’s standards, it reflects the state of automotive technology at the time of the vehicle’s production and remains effective in enhancing the overall driving experience.

Known Issues:

Like any vehicle, the 1999 Toyota Corolla is not without its share of known issues and common problems. While overall reliability is a hallmark of the Corolla nameplate, certain components may be prone to wear and tear over time, requiring attention and maintenance to ensure continued performance and longevity. Some of the most common issues reported by owners include:

  1. Oil Consumption: Some 1999 Toyota Corolla models may experience excessive oil consumption, which can lead to engine damage if not addressed promptly. Regular oil changes and monitoring of oil levels are essential to prevent potential issues.
  2. Suspension Components: Suspension components such as struts, shocks, and control arms may wear out over time, resulting in a bumpy or uncomfortable ride. Replacing worn suspension parts can improve ride quality and handling characteristics.
  3. Corrosion: Like many vehicles of its era, the 1999 Toyota Corolla may be susceptible to rust and corrosion, particularly in regions with harsh climates or exposure to road salt. Regular inspection and treatment of rust-prone areas can help prevent structural damage and prolong the vehicle’s lifespan.
  4. Electrical Problems: Some owners have reported issues with electrical components such as power windows, door locks, and interior lights failing to function properly. These issues may be caused by faulty wiring, switches, or connectors and may require diagnosis and repair by a qualified technician.
  5. Transmission Issues: While the manual transmission is generally reliable, some automatic transmission-equipped models may experience problems such as slipping, rough shifting, or fluid leaks. Regular maintenance and fluid changes can help prevent transmission-related issues and ensure smooth operation.

Overall, while these issues are relatively common among 1999 Toyota Corolla models, they are typically minor and can be addressed with proper maintenance and attention to detail. With routine care and regular servicing, the 1999 Corolla can provide years of reliable and enjoyable driving

for owners.


Despite its age, the 1999 Toyota Corolla continues to receive positive reviews and high ratings from owners and automotive experts alike. Its reputation for reliability, fuel efficiency, and low operating costs remains unmatched, making it a popular choice among drivers seeking a practical and affordable vehicle. Consumer Reports consistently ranks the Corolla among the top compact cars in terms of reliability and owner satisfaction, further cementing its status as a standout performer in its class. Additionally, the Corolla’s strong resale value and widespread availability of parts and service make it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers looking for a dependable used car.

Buyer’s Advice:

For prospective buyers considering a 1999 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria, there are several factors to keep in mind to ensure a positive purchasing experience. First and foremost, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect any potential vehicle for signs of wear, damage, or mechanical issues before making a purchase. A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection by a qualified mechanic can help identify any potential issues and provide peace of mind regarding the vehicle’s condition.

Additionally, it’s important to research the vehicle’s maintenance history and service records to ensure that it has been well-maintained and cared for by previous owners. A vehicle with a documented service history is more likely to have received regular maintenance and upkeep, reducing the likelihood of unexpected repairs or issues down the road.

When test driving a 1999 Toyota Corolla, pay close attention to its performance, handling, and overall condition. Listen for any unusual noises or vibrations, and test all essential functions such as brakes, steering, and suspension to ensure they are in good working order. Take the time to assess the vehicle’s comfort, ergonomics, and overall fit and finish to ensure that it meets your expectations and requirements.

Finally, consider factors such as mileage, trim level, and optional features when evaluating different 1999 Corolla models. While higher mileage vehicles may be more affordable upfront, they may also require more frequent maintenance and repairs over time. Conversely, low mileage examples may command a higher price but offer greater peace of mind regarding their condition and longevity. Similarly, choosing a well-equipped trim level with desirable features such as power windows, air conditioning, and alloy wheels can enhance the overall ownership experience and resale value of the vehicle.

In conclusion, the 1999 Toyota Corolla remains a compelling choice for drivers in Nigeria seeking a reliable, economical, and practical vehicle. With its timeless design, efficient powertrain, spacious interior, and reputation for durability, the Corolla continues to stand the test of time and remains a perennial favorite among drivers worldwide. By carefully considering factors such as price, condition, maintenance history, and features, prospective buyers can make an informed decision and enjoy years of dependable and enjoyable driving with the 1999 Toyota Corolla.


The 1999 Toyota Corolla is more than just a car; it’s a testament to Toyota’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. From its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the most popular and enduring vehicles on the road, the Corolla has earned its place in automotive history as a true icon. In Nigeria, where drivers value durability, affordability, and practicality above all else, the 1999 Corolla continues to shine as a shining example of automotive excellence. With its modest price, efficient performance, spacious interior, and renowned reliability, it’s no wonder that the 1999 Toyota Corolla remains a top choice for drivers across the country. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer looking for a dependable daily driver or a seasoned enthusiast seeking a classic car with modern appeal, the 1999 Toyota Corolla has something to offer everyone. With proper care and maintenance, this timeless classic will continue to serve drivers well for years to come, proving that sometimes, the best things really do stand the test of time.


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