Best way to turn off rankmath stats on front page SEO stats 2022

How to turn off rankmath stats on front page, Easily disable It.

Lets assume that you visited your website’s frontend and just discovered that something showing a kind of SEO stat of your website to the public and you don’t recall making such changes or granting permission to display those stats on your site, this is what Rankmath SEO plug-in has done after their Update yesterday, they made the option to display stats on websites ON by default and some non user page it displays with a quick and temporary pop-up pleading you to upgrade to their pro version, this can be buggy and embarrassing as you may first think of the safety of your site as though someone has taken over.

this is how to Disable the SEO stats by Rankmath SEO on the frontend.

turn off rankmath stats on front page

Disable SEO stats on front-page

Total Time: 3 minutes

login to your WordPress admin panel

Goto Rankmath SEO plug-in Tab.

Click on general

When you have clicked on the General tab then click on Analytics.

under Analytics

Click and disable the show stats on Frontend Tab and that will Get rid of the SEO stats showing up on the front page by the Rankmath plugin.

rankmath stats on front page
I hope that helps.

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How to stop rankmath stats on front page