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Coconut Rice- How to Make Nigerian Coconut Jollof Rice

Hello my people, today we will prepare this Coconut Jollof Rice. I call it the surprise Jollof Rice because when you serve it people think they are about to eat the classic Jollof Rice but when the rice hits the tongue, you will get the happy looks on their faces as they try to figure out exactly what they are eating. Why don’t you surprise someone today with this delicious meal?

Here are the ingredients I’ll be using for jollof coconut rice

First I prepare the coconut milk. You can use the tinned coconut milk but if you know me, I will rather suffer, suffer in quote to make this myself because it is so worth it. Tinned coconut milk is tasteless to me so I always make mine with mature, sweet coconuts. Just break it up, pry it out, rinse, cut into pieces to help my blender. Then blend with as little warm water as possible so that it will be very concentrated. Conc. Coconut milk! Chai o!  I sieve it twice, first with a sieve then with a chiffon cloth. You see how creamy it is! I hope I don’t drink it all up before I finish cooking. You can also prepare it in bulk and freeze in small containers, that way it’s easy to pick one container and add to your cooking.

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Next I need to cook the chicken. I’ll be using the white onions. Chop and add that. As always I’m using the Thyme, tasty hard chicken seasoning cubes And some of the coconut milk. Turn on the heat and allow it to steam. As always I will precook the rice. So over here on this burner, I’ll set some water to boil for that. I let the chicken steam till pale all over … You see this red part? It needs to turn pale. That’s proof that it has gotten a good steam. Then add the remaining coconut milk. I top it up with water to bring the liquid to the minimum level for my pressure cooker. Then cover and start cooking.

When the water boils, I add the rice then cook for 7 minutes. This time will vary depending on the quantity of rice you are cooking. I pour it in a sieve and quickly cool it down with water then set aside.

Next I prepare the rest of the ingredients. For garnish you need colorful ingredients that’s why I’m using red onions here. I dice that and the carrots. Then clean the shrimps like so. I just found this shrimp at the bottom of my freezer and decided to use it for this meal. You don’t have to use shrimps. That’s the rest of the ingredients ready. When the chicken is done, I take them out and grill or broil in the oven. You can also deep fry them but to minimize fry-fry I prefer grilling.

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To Sautee the shrimps, I’ll take the oil from the chicken stock. I’ve got enough coconut oil and chicken oil in there for the purpose so no need to add new oil. I just carefully scoop the oil from the top. Sorry at the time of cooking, I did not realize it was not showing well. In my 5 Ingredients fried rice recipe I showed that very well. So I Sautee the shrimps till they are brown like this turning them around all the time. That should take 5 to 7 minutes. Then slowly decant the chicken stock into another pot.

If you think the stock is too much, I don’t know how best to explain that but if your instinct tells you it’s too much for the quantity of rice you are cooking, boil it down a bit before adding the rest of the ingredients so your coconut rice will not be soggy. Add curry powder, black pepper and some of the tomato stew base. When it boils, add the precooked rice. Stir … Add more salt if necessary and add the remaining tomato stew base on top. Cover with a foil especially if your pot cover has a hole like mine. And start cooking. Don’t forget the chicken, turn it around from time to time for an even grill. Cook the rice on medium heat till you can no longer see the water.


Add the shrimps … carrots … onions … green peas and click the Like button. Stir the top and continue cooking till all the water dries up. Mix till everything is well combined. Ohhh you need to experience the aroma in my kitchen right now.  Transfer to a cool container immediately so it does not continue to cook and get mushy. Serve with the grilled chicken, I threw in some avocado too. You can add fried plantains, sautéed leafy vegetables .


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