supply pmk powder and oil cas28578-16-7

supply pmk powder and oil cas28578-16-7

supply pmk powder and oil cas28578-16-7
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Eutylone ecu ecp de
6c, 6b2ad (similar to adbb 5cladb jwh018)
Brozolam cas 71368-80-4(similar to etizolam)
Flubrotizom cas 57801-95-3(similar to etizolam)
K1 3fdck (similar to 2fdck)
Bmk cas5449-12-7
Pmk cas 28578-16-7(white powder and oil)
Benzimidazole cas 119276-01-06(opiods similar to Isotodesnitazene)
Metonitazene cas14680-51-4(opiods similar to Isotodesnitazene)
Nitra similar to etizolam.



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