lexus gx 460 2022

Lexus gx 460 new model 2022 Review and pictures price in Nigeria.

lexus gx 460 new model 2022 Review and pictures, price.

2022 GX 460 came with a handful of Luxury features though old, haven’t seen any major changes on the body design since 2010, it brings needs to some lacking adjustments in the interior and outside of the car.

lexus gx 460 2022

lexus gx 460 price in nigeria – GX 460 AND OTHER CARS.

Though Gx 460 Lexus car and drive and match up head to head with other of its Rivals during offroad droves, the car lacks some simple interior designs and touches which are a common sight in others.

2022 GX 460 Which is old at 65,000 Dollars (27,023,750.00 Nigerian Naira), is huge and very agile competing with rivals like Jeep, and Landrover. with its V-8 Big Engine and a 4.6-liter the power output is Very OK.

the 2022 Lexus Gx 460 has a Six-speed Automatic Transmission engine and they select smartly.

Built with a 23-gallon capacity tank, the Gx 460 can travel 450 miles before the Tank gets Emptied.

lexus gx 460 new model 2022 Review and pictures
A white Lexus Gx 460 car

Though not giving the best results in terms of power among peers, the GX 460’s maximum towing capacity is 6,500 pounds, and it comes with built-in trailer sway control.

According to Cars.com

The GX may not be especially powerful, but it makes up for that with stellar off-road potential. An optional Off-Road Package adds extra underbody protection, an improved camera system, a terrain management system, and Crawl Control (essentially low-speed off-road cruise control).

Yet even without all of that, the GX still has a lot going for it, including excellent outward visibility, more than 8 inches of ground clearance, full-time four-wheel drive, a torque-sensing limited-slip differential, a two-speed transfer case, and an electronically locking center differential. Despite not having the Off-Road Package, our test vehicle made short work of heavy snow during our drive, and the standard suspension was nicely cushioned; bumps and potholes never bothered it.

Pricier GX models can have an adaptive suspension allowing drivers to choose among Normal, Sport, and Comfort settings.

The GX 460 hasn’t yet been crash-tested by either the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Gx 460 can travel 450 miles
Gx 460 can travel 450 miles


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