How To Make White Soup With Goat Meat

I’m going to be making goat meat and white soup.

so these are our ingredients so first of all I have my cozies a seed and of course I have my spinach and my stock fish okay I soaked this top fish overnight so it’s kind of soft.

Over here I have my dry fish I’m yet to wash and deepen them and I’ve have my diced onions of course my pepper soup spices my swords my crayfish and of course my beef seasoning powder guys if you have good Smith seasoning powder please use it okay. I don’t have one and of course I have my two stock cubes like this is a powder the uses are powder okay so I’m gonna blend this one as well so over here I have my diced yam already coated in the chunks and  body blended up .

Direction for goat meat and white soup

next I’m going to go ahead and cut this goat meat into the sizes that I want, you can cut it into big sizes small sizes it depends on what he wants so I’m going to cut it into the sizes that I want not too big and not too small when I’m done cutting I’m going to go ahead and wash that very very well or do I have done that before I’ve wash that very well before storing them in my freezer but I’m going to give it a very good wash again yeah so when I’m done washing them I’m going to transfer that into my cooking pots.

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So guys to start cooking I placed my pot on my cooker and I added my diced onions, my stock fish and of course my two stock cubes and my seasoning powder. You can use goat meat seasoning powder okay.

So I added my water to cover the meat and I on my stove to cook on a very high heat for at least 25 minutes. So eight minutes into the cooking I brought out my yams, they are done cooking so I brought them all out and I’m going to give it a very good blend.


You can choose to blend yours or pound whichever you want to do it okay so I also introduced my dried fish and I cover the parts to continue cooking, so over here I am done blending the yam. I have my yam paste so I suppose to introduce my habanero pepper.

I’m so sorry okay so I have to go ahead now and blend my habanero pepper alongside with a crayfish and I’m going to blend them together, after 25 minutes of cooking I added my yam paste.

So guys I’m going to be adding just a little little of it, you don’t need to add much guys if you add much is going to make this soup to be so thick. I’m gonna be adding just a little this some pieces are the thick now if you add much of it when this soup becomes code is going to be so thick that you won’t even like the paste again so when your soup appears watery don’t bother when these two becomes code is going to thicken up.

Next, I’m going to be adding my crayfish my habanero pepper and my leave. I mixed them I mixed everything together yeah so when I’m done adding them I’ll go ahead and add my cup-a-soup spy this my Aussie blender and of course my juices are also blender my soup and my stock. so I give everything a very good mix and I cover the path to continue cooking he’s gonna be cooking for least seven minutes more.

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Guys after several minutes of cooking I checked and our soup is ready yes our city is already guys versus our goat meat and white soup but I added my green vegetables just for that we in effect you can choose to add your uziza that all doesn’t lead if you have one I don’t have one so I used my spinach okay so you can have this soup with your semolina your same Evita your pounded yam your pound or your garri or any swallow of your choice guys and it’s one of your choice.

Thank you.


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