Contabo: A Comprehensive Review of the Affordable and Reliable German Web Hosting Company 2023


Introduction to Contabo

Contabo is a German-based web hosting company that provides various hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and more. Founded in 2003, the company has established a reputation for providing quality hosting services at affordable prices.

One of the key advantages of Contabo is its strong infrastructure. The company operates its own data centers in Munich and Nuremberg, Germany, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology and high-quality hardware. This allows for fast and reliable hosting services, ensuring that websites hosted with Contabo have a high uptime.

Another advantage of Contabo is its wide range of hosting options. Whether you’re looking for a simple shared hosting plan or a more robust dedicated server, Contabo has you covered. The company’s shared hosting plans start at just €4.99 per month, making them some of the most affordable in the industry. Additionally, its VPS hosting plans start at just €9.99 per month, providing customers with a flexible and scalable solution that can grow as their needs change.

In terms of customer support, Contabo provides 24/7 support through its ticket system and live chat. The company’s support staff are knowledgeable and friendly, making it easy to get the help you need when you need it. Additionally, the company provides a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section on its website, which can be a useful resource for resolving common issues.

One of the downsides of Contabo is that its website is only available in German, which can make it difficult for non-German speakers to navigate. However, the company’s support staff are able to communicate in English, so this is less of an issue for those who need assistance. Additionally, some customers have reported that the company’s website can be slow to load, which can be frustrating for those who need to access their account quickly.

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Another potential drawback of Contabo is that its shared hosting plans have certain limitations, such as limited storage space and bandwidth. This can be an issue for customers who need more resources for their websites. However, the company’s VPS hosting and dedicated server plans are more flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of larger websites.

In terms of security, Contabo takes a number of measures to protect its customers’ websites. The company uses firewalls, anti-virus software, and other security measures to keep its data centers and servers secure. Additionally, it offers SSL certificates and backups to help customers protect their data and ensure that their websites remain online even in the event of an unexpected outage.

Another advantage of Contabo is that it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing customers to try its services risk-free. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that they can get their money back if they’re not satisfied with the service they receive.

In conclusion, Contabo is a solid option for those looking for affordable and reliable web hosting services. With its strong infrastructure, wide range of hosting options, and excellent customer support, it is well worth considering for anyone in the market for a new hosting provider. However, potential customers should be aware of the limitations of its shared hosting plans and the fact that its website is only available in German.


Contabo offers a variety of hosting options at different price points. Their shared hosting plans start at just €4.99 per month and their VPS hosting plans start at €9.99 per month. Additionally, the company offers dedicated server plans, which start at €49 per month and go up to €249 per month depending on the specifications and resources required.

One of the key advantages of Contabo’s pricing is that it is very affordable compared to other web hosting companies. This makes it an attractive option for individuals and small businesses who are looking to host their website on a budget. The company’s shared hosting plans provide a cost-effective solution for those who are just starting out and do not require a lot of resources, while its VPS and dedicated server plans are more suitable for larger websites that need more resources and customization.

It is worth noting that Contabo does not offer any additional services, such as domain registration or website design, which some other web hosting companies do. However, this allows the company to keep its prices low and focus on providing quality hosting services.

In conclusion, Contabo’s pricing is one of its major selling points, with plans starting at just €4.99 per month. The company’s affordable pricing, combined with its strong infrastructure and quality customer support, make it an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective and reliable web hosting solution.


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