Où puis-je vendre ma voiture au Sénégal pour de l’argent plus rapidement ou échanger

Quelqu’un vient de me demander où puis-je vendre ma voiture plus rapidement au Sénégal contre de l’argent ou un échange, et bien Zuwanu est la plus grande place de marché en ligne en Afrique, où les gens exposent et choisissent leur voiture. ou échange et votre contact) observez la magie se produire alors que vousRead More

Acheter et vendre plus vite en ligne au sénégal

Sélectionnez et achetez des voitures et des téléphones auprès d’un fournisseur fiable de votre région aux meilleurs prix, sur le marché zuwanu et sur les annonces est le meilleur choix pour les sénégalais, Post annonce gagner plus de clients et augmenter vos ventes et vos profits La négociation des propriétés n’a pas été très facileRead More

Sell your products and Services in Africa

Vendre une voiture au sénégal? Zuwanu is supplier and Consumer friendly system, which helps product makers and suppliers connect with their end users who are their customers. zuwanu offers a platform where you can display sell faster, exchange products and announce your job vacancies, this site deals on general human products like electronics, raw materials,Read More

Captal One Data breach Hacker arrested after stealing 106m details

firm Capital One Hacker Arrested The personal details of about 106 million individuals across the US and Canada were stolen in a hack targeting financial services firm Capital One, the company has revealed. The alleged hacker, Paige Thompson, was arrested on Monday after reportedly boasting about the breach online. Capital One said the data includedRead More

American Record Label Sues Davido for Defrauding Them of 4million Naira

A U.S based Nigerian management and record company, “Always On Cash (A.O.C)” have filed a law suit against music superstar, Davido, after it was revealed he was allegedly paid the sum of 4 million naira to have him featured on their artiste, Tjay’s song in which he has refused to be available to fulfil hisRead More

Telegram boss points cyber attack during Hong Kong protests to China

  Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov has said a massive cyber attack on his messaging service originated from China. On Wednesday, the firm confirmed it suffered a “powerful” Distributed Denial of Service attack which disrupted services for about an hour. In a DDos attack, hackers overwhelm a target’s servers with junk requests. It came as protestorsRead More

Vodafone suffers Huge problem across Europe

  Vodafone says it is working to tackle “disruption” to its mobile and fixed-line broadband services. It has experienced a fault with an international link used to transmit data between countries but is rerouting traffic to address the issue. Reports on the DownDetector website indicate that subscribers in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal andRead More

What is E commerce

What is Ecommerce? Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. Ecommerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe anyRead More