buying and selling in Nigeria, great ideas and Tips 2022

Buying and selling in Nigeria is somehow a very easy thing to do if you have money and contact at hand. sourcing things to sell would not be difficult, however there are challenges for small businesses who have little or no capital to fund there buying and selling in Nigeria.

this could be attributed to the rising and never coming down of prices of goods and services in the country, though its a good time for the rich and also a time to make more money if you know what you are doing.

What is Buying and selling?

Buying and selling is the exchange of goods and services from one person to another. therefore buying and selling in Nigeria in Nigeria is when people come together to buy and sell to each other from within Nigeria.

buying and selling business in Nigeria.

To start of a business in Nigeria requires deep thinking and serious funding, as you will meet stiff competitors in the market. businesses grows and flourish if there are enough capitals and marketing plans. Most of these businesses exist in the physical marketplaces while atleast 35% are online. to know how to start up a business and run it successfully read Best guide how to sell online in Nigeria and what to sale as a new business in 2022. the online marketplace for businesses online is great avenue to succeed as an entrepreneur as lots of opportunities are available online for businesses.

Getting your business online may not be easy though because it requires lots of time and funding to get it right, the chances of making it is great if you do it right. you will need online stores by building a website and then funding it through marketing’s or adverts, where this is not possible there are tones of solutions which comes cheap and you can use them to scale your business online presence, these are shopping sites, marketplaces and social media apps. getting your hands on these tools will make your buying and selling in nigeria easy.

buying and selling app in Nigeria Top 5 Best shopping apps.

Buying and selling in Nigeria apps

There are apps and websites which can help you sell and buy easily in Nigeria. These apps gives you space to list and manage your business on them and connects you to your customers seamlessly, Below are some of the best apps in Nigeria you can use.

  1. Zuwanu ~ Zuwanu allows you to sell products and services easily in Nigeria, it shows you what others sell that you may like to buy.
  2. Jumia ~ It shows you products for sale and allows you to buy them easily.
  3. Jiji ~ Jiji is an Online marketplace where you can sell your products to people in Nigeria it is multiple category app just like zuwanu.
  4. CarmartNg ~ This app offers buying and selling cars in nigeria.
  5. Olist ~ Is an extension of opera mini which specializes on advertisement for sellers.

buying and selling business ideas in nigeria.

Having great business ideas will help you grow your business faster, we have compiled some great ideas on 10 BEST PRODUCTS AND SERVICES CAN SALE ONLINE AND MAKE MONEY. if it did not solve your problem of what to buy and sell in nigeria.

These are some stuffs you can quickly consider and it might favor you easily.

buying and selling of land business in Nigeria.

proptery selling is a good business, you can consider it as it gives you back your money with larger return of investment, though buying of land is a long term business as it requires time for your land value to appreciate, land can never depreciate or lose value.

buying and selling of beans in nigeria.

beans is a major sources of protein and its highly sorted for in the market, buying and selling of beans can give you much money currently in Nigeria, you can travel to the north and purchase then resell it to other places in Nigeria. this is a good business you can do with little money its one of the best lucrative buying and selling business in nigeria.

buying and selling garri business in nigeria.

Garri is a cassava flake, its the major source of carbohydrate in Nigeria, people eat garri for strenght and its almost popular than other food items. You can start buying and selling garri in Nigeria and grow rapidly as all you needed to do it is cassava, frying pan and firewood. this is not hard to do and the product sells quickly.

buying and selling of agricultural products in Nigeria.

Agricultural products are our day to day needs, making them available to people is a great way to start a business that will last long term and make great profits. you can buy these from local farmers and resell with good profit margin.

buying and selling of dollar in Nigeria.

Forex is the fastest way to make money now, selling and buying of dollar and other hard currencies will help you make profits easily, buying when its low and selling when its high is a good business you can venture in and excel.

buying and selling of cows in nigeria.

Cows provides us with meat and milk, its a fast selling business you can do easily. people gets them from the northern side of Nigeria and resell. cattle business is a great business idea you can try as it requires almost nothing to take care of these cows.

buying and selling of cocoa in Nigeria.

Buying and exporting cocoa is good business and it yields money quickly. you can do it effortlessly and make profits. starting cocoa business doesn’t require much funds as you can get advanced payments from those who will buy them before supplying it. its a good business idea in 2022.

buy and sell crypto in nigeria.

selling of cypto tops the list and you can try it out, just go and learn how to do it and the sky is just a stone throw.

This is some ideas we can share with you for now, there are many more we will be adding and if you want to suggest something to us please drop a comment about it below.


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