Okechukwu Onyedikachi Faith Founder & CEO Zuwanu + Anythingnaija 27

Okechukwu Onyedikachi Faith Founder & CEO Zuwanu, CEO Zuwanu
Okechukwu Onyedikachi Faith Founder & CEO Zuwanu + Anythingnaija

Okechukwu Onyedikachi Faith Founder & CEO Zuwanu Okechukwu Faithee is the Founder and CEO of Zuwanu., a Fast Rising Marketplace for Sellers in Africa and Anythingnaija a music and news publishing website in Nigeria.

Tell us about Yourself and carreer

Thank You, I’m Okechukwu Faith Onyedikachi Known As Faithee The Founder and CEO of Zuwanu + Anythingnaija.

in 2010 i founded Anythingnaija which was then mp39ja because as a young musician sharing my music with friends and fans as of 2010 in Nigeria was a big challenge, i founded the website to assist me share my songs for fans to download free and it helped me promote myself and other local artists within Nigeria.

mp39ja was later renamed in 2018 to Anythingnaija with the aim of growing a big online community for Nigerians so that they can share anything that is Nigerian made and also assist people to meet each other and learn .
Zuwanu is first Marketplace founded to connect customers and sellers in Different locations in Africa and other continents, zuwanu is for Africa.

What is the meaning of Zuwanu?

Zuwanu is an igbo word which means “everyone is welcome to Buy or everyone should buy and sell”. so zuwanu is maintaining its goals of linking customers to sellers real time on zuwanu.com website.

Where do you see zuwanu in 5 years today?

i and my Team we are working hard to ensure that zuwanu is the place
where every African Business owner sells their products and a place where Buyers go to for best and premium goods from Africa. By Gods grace i see zuwanu as the Biggest Market in Africa In 5 years.

What are the Things that matters to You right now?

My Family and my Job in Zuwanu is all that matters to me right now.

what are your challenges?

Getting people to accept the movement of zuwanu is a tough challenge lol, here in Africa, my people are used to old way of going to the physical market to buy and sell their products so its still a challenge to baptize someone know they can actually sell from their homes without living their doors by just using their phones to post their products for sell on zuwanu and people connect with them and buy it immediately . been the ceo zuwanu and front line crusader for this platform is very challenging.

So far whats your Motivations about zuwanu?

been able to help our vendors sell so far is a big boost for me and satisfactory compliments from their customers is a plus which pushes me to work hard and take zuwanu to the height where i want it to be.

What Bussiness Type is Zuwanu?

We are Retail, E-commerce company. we retail and also provides services to retailers wholesalers, and Manufacturers.

Do you have another project?

Yes my Music, am an underground musician, i will be serious with my music soon. i have recorded many songs so far and they are available for streaming. Faithee is coming to be a household name as zuwanu will be soon.

Whats your hoobies ?

improving my skills in web development is a big hooby for me, then my music, am a good music Lover and its been a drive for me.

Where are you from?

Umuchima, ideato south, Imo state Nigeria.

What do you want to Tell the world?

Hi Guys, Visit zuwanu, support zuwanu and Join zuwanu its our own.

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