How to turn friends to Followers on Facebook in 2023

how to turn friends to followers on facebook

To switch to professional mode on Facebook, follow these steps:

1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device or visit the Facebook website on your computer.

2. Log in to your Facebook account using your credentials.

3. Once you’re logged in, navigate to your Facebook profile by clicking on your profile picture or your name in the top navigation bar.

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4. On your profile page, locate the “Edit Profile” button, which is usually located beneath your profile picture.

5. Click on the “Edit Profile” button to access the profile editing options.

6. On the profile editing page, you will see various sections where you can modify your profile information. Look for the section called “Intro” or “About.”

7. In the “Intro” or “About” section, you will find an option to “Switch to Professional Account” or a similar feature, depending on your device and the current version of Facebook.

8. Click on the “Switch to Professional Account” option. A new screen will appear, presenting you with different professional categories to choose from. These categories can include options such as “Business,” “Artist,” “Writer,” “Public Figure,” and more.

9. Select the professional category that best suits your profile’s purpose and the type of content you plan to share.

10. After selecting your professional category, you may be asked to provide additional details related to your professional account, such as your business name, website, contact information, or other relevant information. Fill in the required fields accordingly.

11. Once you have provided the necessary information, review your changes and make any additional adjustments to your profile as needed.

12. Finally, click on the “Save” or “Done” button to save your changes and switch to professional mode on Facebook.By switching to professional mode, you will have access to additional features and options that cater specifically to your professional or business needs, such as insights and analytics, business-related contact information, promotional tools, and the ability to create and manage business-related pages or groups.



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