How to Sell on Zuwanu.

Zuwanu, online buying and selling sites in nigeria,How to Sell on Zuwanu.

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This is a Quick Guard on how to Use Zuwanu Marketplace to Buy and Sell.

How to Sell on Zuwanu.

  1. Register on the Seller account.
  2. Verify your Registered email as we sent you a link to verify you are human on your email.
  3. Click on seller account and Login.
  4. In your seller Dashboard, Click on Account Information and Enter your contact number, address, and whatsapp number so that people can reach you on your ads with these contacts Click UPDATE to save.
  5. Click on the store Link and Setup a seller store on zuwanu, Enter your store or business name. Upload a store logo and your profile photo, then Choose your working hours enter your phone number and social links and save.
  6. To Post products on zuwanu Please Click here to Watch this Video.
  7. Click on Submit Ad Choose your AD Type (if you are selling select SELL.) Select your matching Category, example Phones and accessories. Now select subcategory example if you are posting about phone choose PHONE.
  8. Enter Tittle of your product after the page reload. EXAMPLE Tecno Spark 5.
  9. Enter the description, explain in details about your ad and features to make it standout.
  10. Add the price and Datas needed like price range, condition etc.
  11. Add pictures to your post they must Match what you are wanting to sell then
  12. Select and accept Our terms and conditions box Submit ad
  13. Chose a Promotion package for your new Ad and then proceed to make payment and wait for Approval from the admin for your post.

Rejected Ads.

For Good user experience we reject ads that are deceptive and unreal. Example

    1. Ads with unreal sell too cheap to be true
    2. poor image visualization.
    3. Sellers with bad reports from other sources. we verify people.
    4. Ads promoting Ritual and Fetish spiritism.

How to Buy on zuwanu

Search the product you want for in our search engine By typing its name and Enter to search for it.

we well show you matching ads, navigate and choose the one that you like and open it to view details, compare it to others from other salers with compare tool and then. contact the seller either through call or whatsapp message or chat on zuwanu or via Email. discuss with the seller and conclude on how to meet and check the product and pay. Please buy from those near you or Pay through us, if seller refuses, avoid and report them because they are not safe.

On zuwanu you can build a successful business and grow your small business easily without stress. always ask for reviews from your happy customers to convince your buyers and dont forget to report fake people to us.

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