How to safely buy a house or land properties in Nigeria 2022

How to safely buy a house

How to safely buy a house

Finding properties to Buy or Develop is a good thing and always on everyone’s mind, though it comes with some serious challenges which might be difficult due to one’s financial capabilities or fear of losing ones hard-earned money to real estate scams and false adverts, we will teach you how you can safely buy a house or a land property anywhere in Nigeria and the world.

How to safely buy a house and land in Nigeria.

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How to buy a house in Nigeria

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Consider Your location and Property Type.

How to safely buy a house in dubai

Where you want to Buy your house or live in matters so take some time to think about the location where you would like your envisioned property to be located. this helps you still to ensure you are close to your daily businesses or close to town and other basic amenities if need be. also consider the price of living in such areas considering your income.

Consider your earning

How to safely buy a house

Now that you have found where you would like to buy a property, Consider how much you have with you to what it could take to own to buy a property there. this will help you not get stressed out finding a suitable house or property to buy and get your taste without settling for less.

Hire an Agent for Search hunting.

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By this stage you are sure that you are ready to venture into buying a property, what you will now do is Hire a real estate agent who will help you hunt for available properties suiting your desire. this can come with extra costs and you should know this and be prepared as you may spend more than your agency budgets with back and forth efforts finding the house you need.

Search for your considered property type.

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Now as you have hired the third hand, begin the search within your desired location this is handled by your agent who you have paid to do so. he will be able to inform you of houses and properties for sale when he or she finds one and you will now go for inspection.


Now the house or property has been found and it’s time to go for inspection. when you visit the location of the property, study it with time to make sure it’s exactly what you want and where you want it to be, with no rushes so that you don’t make mistakes. check your list to make sure it’s exactly what you want and is still in good condition and also in a secure location and access to the road network. also, check for previous tenant records in case it’s a ghost hunted house, you can decide to opt-out be if it’s okay then let’s go to the next stage which is payment.

Get a Good property Lawyer.

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Now you have found the house and is cool for you as what you need, it’s a great thing to find and hire a good property lawyer, not just anyone someone with good knowledge in properties legally will help you make a good agreement and also ensure its a property legally approved by the government so that you don’t have problems in the future. with a good lawyer, you can buy a house that is problem-free and hassle-free.

Congratulations on your new property.

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now that you have purchased your new home, you can now Go ahead with minor adjustments and fixes and some furnishes on the property. In some areas there are some hidden charges which are not mentioned in your deals, as it may come from some greedy community extortion from youths you should be able to sort with them before this stage, now you are a home owner, you can take some time to get to know your new neighborhood and enjoy your new property or develop it.

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