How much protein does the body need? | Health tips 2021

much protein does the body need, How much protein does the body need
How much protein does the body need

( How much protein does the body need) The FDA Advices that adult Humans consume 50 grams (g) of protein per day, as part of a 2,000-calorie diet. A person’s daily value may be higher or lower depending on their calorie intake.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015–2020Trusted Source provide the following recommended daily amounts (RDA) for protein by sex and age group

AgeProtein RDA
child aged 1–313 g
child aged 4–819 g
child aged 9–1334 g
female teen aged 14–1846 g
male teen aged 14–1852 g
female adult aged 19+46 g
male adult aged 19+56 g

Many factors can affect how much protein a person needs, including their activity level, weight, height, and whether they are pregnant.

Other variables include the proportion of amino acids available in specific protein foods and the digestibility of individual amino acids.

The USDA provide a calculator to help people work out how much protein and other nutrients they need.

Protein and calories

Protein is a source of calories. Generally, protein and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram. Fats contain 9 calories per gram.

The Dietary Guidelines for AmericansTrusted Source recommend that between 10–35% of an adult’s daily calories should come from protein. For children, it is 10–30%.

Most people in the U.S. meet their daily protein needs. On averageTrusted Source, men get 16.3% of their calories from protein, and women 15.8%.

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