How Do Gates Remote Control Work

How Do Gates Remote Control Work smartly

How Do Gates Remote Control Work
Gate Remote control

How Do Gates Remote Control Work ? Automated gate systems offer a wide range of access control systems that monitors and controls all entry and exit locations. All of these systems are guaranteed to help secure your residential or commercial property from intruders while at the same time providing you with convenient access to it without having to leave your car.

Choosing an access control system depends on a variety of factors. However, one of the most commonly used are remote control gates. Remote control gates can be either sliding or swinging gates that are controlled by hand held devices.

To learn more about remote control gates, one must first understand the technology behind remote control devices.

The basics, features, and functions of remote control devices

Remote controls are devices commonly used as a convenience feature for customers that allows them to operate equipment that are out of reach for manual operation. Depending on the equipment being used, a remote control can regulate a variety of functions such as power, volume, temperature, fan speed, and tuning among others, by sending out digitally-coded pulses of infrared radiation to control them.

In the case of automated gates, remote controls allow the user to conveniently and automatically make the gate work by opening and closing it without manual operation. In general, these remote control devices can work from as far as 20 to 30 metres away. However, the actual range will vary depending on environmental factors such as battery life, weather conditions, heated car windscreens, and even stone walls.

How Do Gates Remote Control Work?

Remote controls are normally easy to operate, requiring the use of only one button. However, some versions consist of more buttons that allow more than one gate to be controlled using just one device.

The two major categories of remote controls are fixed code and rolling code. A fixed code remote control is an older technology that uses dip-switches, which are said to be not as efficient as the rolling code version. A rolling code, also known as “hopping code”, is commonly used nowadays in keyless entry systems.

How do remote control gates work?

A remote control device is actually a transmitter. Pushing a button on this device will send out an electric signal or code that will be received by a radio receiver in your gate that is tuned to the frequency that the transmitter is using. The automated gate then opens or closes upon receipt of the code.

The code varies depending on whether the remote control device uses a fixed code or a rolling code technology. Usually, the receiver will only unlock the door or open the barrier when the sending code matches the code it is expecting to receive.

Fixed code remote control devices always send out the same code but this presented a problem once garage door openers became more common because it allows access to anyone who uses the same frequency. On the other hand, rolling code remote control devices always send different codes from the ones previously sent, making the latter the more secure option.

We offer a wide variety of remote control gates that will suit the needs of your residential or commercial property. Our range of remote control units are available for all applications to suit all requirements.

How Do Gates Remote Control Work ?

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