Custom made Luxury Throw pillow prices in Nigeria & differences 2021.

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Quality impacts on the prices of Pillows in Nigeria
what is pillow prices in Nigeria ? Throw pillow beautify or furniture decorations at home, they provide a boost of comfort for the back for relaxation.

sometimes customers are confused choosing what Throw customized pillow to buy in Nigeria, these are caused by many factors and they are as follows.


DESIGNS how does design of custom throw pillow affect the price?

pillow prices, Nigeria

designs affects customer choices mostly when they want a better Quality and highly graphic designed customized pillow but the customers budgets is lesser.

SHAPE, how can shapes affect price of a pillow?

pillow shape

Shapes are considered as a major factor to affect the price of a pillow because, pillows are made in numerous shapes and sizes but only few shapes gets popular and this causes the prices to go up. example heart designed throw pillows costs more than a normal Rectangular customized Pillow.

Materials. how does materials or fabric affects the price of a pillow?

pillow prices in Nigeria

Your comfort matters most and the fabrics of a pillow gives you that, Popular types of throw pillows are made from faux fur, corduroy, silk, or leather materials. you should also know there maintenance requirements to know which one to chose.Certain materials should only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned and cannot be placed in the washing machine

What is the price of customized Pillows in Nigeria?

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with the above factors in Mind, Best customized made throw pillows cost from ₦3,500, ₦6,500 ₦7,500 per pillow. custom made pillows in Nigeria costs between 9 to 19 Dollars.

How long does it take take to deliver a customized Pillow in Nigeria ?

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production and Delivery usually takes some 3 TO 7 days to get to the customer. this quotation is based on custom made pillows but any random or regular Throw pillow can be delivered withing 24hrs after purchase.

pillow prices in Nigeria
pillow prices in Nigeria

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