Bugatti Centodieci: most expensive car in the world 2022

Bugatti Centodieci

The world of cars is always fascinating, especially when we talk about the most expensive ones. In 2022, the most expensive car in the world is the Bugatti Centodieci, which costs a whopping $9 million. Let’s dive deeper into this incredible machine, its features, pros and cons, and its future.

The Bugatti Centodieci is a limited edition hypercar, with only ten units being produced. It’s named “Centodieci” which means “110” in Italian, in tribute to the Bugatti EB110, which was the company’s supercar in the early 90s. The Centodieci is built on the Chiron platform, but with a unique body design that pays homage to the EB110.

the most expensive car in Nigeria and the owner

The exterior of the Bugatti Centodieci is strikingly beautiful, with an aerodynamic body that’s made entirely of carbon fiber. It’s fitted with a massive rear wing and diffuser, which not only add to the car’s aesthetics but also provide much-needed downforce at high speeds. The car’s headlights and taillights are a throwback to the EB110’s design, giving it a unique and distinguishable look.

most expensive car in the world 2022

Under the hood, the Bugatti Centodieci is powered by an 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16 engine that produces a whopping 1600 horsepower. This engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which enables the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. The top speed of the Centodieci is limited to 236 mph, but it can go even faster if the limiter is removed.

The interior of the Bugatti Centodieci is just as impressive as the exterior. The cabin is fitted with high-quality leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber materials. The seats are sporty yet comfortable, providing a great driving experience for the driver and passengers. The car’s infotainment system is top-notch, with a large touchscreen display that’s easy to use.

Fuel efficiency is not a priority for a car like the Bugatti Centodieci, as it’s built for speed and performance. However, it’s worth noting that the car has a fuel tank capacity of 26.4 gallons, which can provide a range of up to 280 miles on the highway. The car’s fuel economy is estimated at 8 mpg in the city and 14 mpg on the highway.

most expensive car in the world 2022

Now let’s take a look at some pros and cons of the Bugatti Centodieci:


  • Stunning and unique exterior design that pays homage to the Bugatti EB110
  • Incredibly powerful engine that produces 1600 horsepower and enables the car to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.4 seconds
  • High-quality interior materials that provide a luxurious and comfortable driving experience
  • Limited production of only ten units, making it an exclusive and rare car
  • Top-notch infotainment system that’s easy to use


  • Extremely expensive price tag of $9 million, which puts it out of reach for most people
  • Low fuel efficiency, with an estimated fuel economy of 8 mpg in the city and 14 mpg on the highway
  • Limited practicality, as it’s not built for everyday driving and has very limited cargo space
  • Limited availability due to the exclusive production of only ten units

So what does the future hold for the Bugatti Centodieci? It’s clear that this car is a masterpiece of engineering and design, and it’s sure to become a collector’s item in the future. As we move towards a more sustainable future, cars like the Centodieci may become rarer and more valuable, as they represent the pinnacle of gasoline-powered engineering.


as we move towards a more sustainable future, it’s unlikely that cars like the Centodieci will continue to be produced. The automotive industry is shifting towards electric and hybrid powertrains, with many countries announcing plans to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars in the coming years. This means that hypercars like the Centodieci may become a thing of the past, replaced by electric supercars that prioritize efficiency and sustainability.

Nevertheless, the Bugatti Centodieci will always be remembered as one of the most incredible and exclusive cars ever produced. Its unique design, incredible performance, and limited production make it a true work of art, and it’s sure to be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for years to come.

In conclusion, the Bugatti Centodieci is the most expensive car in the world in 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. With a stunning exterior design, a powerful engine, and a luxurious interior, this car is a true masterpiece of engineering and design. While its high price tag, low fuel efficiency, and limited availability may be drawbacks, the Centodieci is sure to become a collector’s item and a symbol of the golden age of gasoline-powered hypercars.


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