Tips for User Safety on zuwanu.


Zuwanu is a marketplace for everyone, we offer international services to sellers all over the world and give them opportunity to Meet people in their country, so make sure the person you wants to contact is close to you as we can not be Responsible for any wrong deal.

Meet Seller in A Public and Open Place

Do not meet a buyer in private buildings after agreement between buyer and seller to meet for product collection and inspection, BOTH Parties must make sure they meet in a safe Public place. Reject home deliveries especially if you are not conversant with the location.

Inspect Products to be sure they are Ok

Inspect the products very well before payment and make sure its ok for you and there is no possible Faults unless its started on the ad and accepted by buyer before you pay. if you are buying things like cars, you are advised to Go for inspection with an engineer.

Pay Only when you are satisfied

During inspection make sure everything is okay before you pay. sometimes users may post hyper edited photos and products may not look exactly same in real live, so look very well before payment. Avoid advance payment always pay at point of delivery and Buyer must make sure they come with the exact money stated on the product. in a situation of online transfer, Seller must confirm payment before handing over the purchased product at the point of inspection.

Report Any Bad behavior by Seller

In a case whereby buyer suspects a Vendor to be a scam, please don't fail to report the account to us immediately for investigation and sanction.

Please Always Drop reviews on products

Give Reviews to Help us And Others keep eyes and Protect You from The Bad Guys. we are committed to running a safe commercial community for everyone and will not condone bad behaviors.